Becoming a Musician

A dream job is when your career is also your passion and your hobby. Though it might be a little bit hard to, it is certainly not impossible. The music industry is always full of performers, and you must be different or stand out if you want to be noticed by music lovers and listeners. But before you get into that, you must first put your music out there. Here are some things that you can do to become a musician.

Record your songs professionally

micWhether you are doing a cover or an original, you have to put it out there so other people can listen. The first investment that you want to make is to record it professionally, which means you can not depend on a standard recorder or microphone that you have. From the music to the vocal will be recorded separately and you can do that in a music studio. Afterwards, you need to go to Jeremy Cox Mastering that can help you with audio mastering which will make you produce high-quality music.

Go online

When your music is ready, it is time to put it online. Start thinking about your branding, stage name, marketing strategy, and perhaps even the logo of your music. All of that will affect how and where you will put it up online whether it is going to be under your name, your stage name, in a video format, and the overall presentation that you will give.

Start doing gigs

musicEven the biggest name in the industry like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran starts small, they all went to the street at the beginning of their career and perform their music as a street performer. There are many things that you can do if you do not feel comfortable playing on the side of the road. Go to a cafe, hotel, or a restaurant that would hire life singers, from there you can practice singing in front of live audience and start building your fame.

Promote your music

Just putting your music online will not make you famous overnight, you need to give more effort and work into it. Promoting your music can take a bit of time, you can start by telling your friends and family to spread the words. Then once you have even a small amount of following, you need to interact with them and make sure that you are approachable. This way people that genuinely enjoy your song will voluntarily spread the word about your social media.…