Gaming Gears for Dummies

Video games have expanded a lot, and it’s not just for boys or teenagers, it’s for everyone now. And with the trend of new technologies, there’s a lot of option when it comes to the gaming industry, be it mobile games, handheld console, consoles or even pc gaming. Pc gaming has been around for a long time, and most people use them for gaming since it’s a versatile machine that can be used for working as well. If you want to know what gaming gears you need in a PC, make sure to read this article to understand more about what we’ve made.


monitorIn certain games and depending on the screen, you can feel a lot of differences between the gaming experience. For example, when we play a game of hiding and seek like Dead by Daylight, the lighting and color corrections of your monitor can determine you to catch a survivor or spotting the killer. So, we suggest that you get a decent monitor, the one that can provide you with smooth colors. Here’s a comparison of 144hz vs 60hz monitors, just in case you’re confused on which one is for you. You can also buy a TV for your monitor, but it might cost more.


Headphones are considered a staple when you’re playing games, especially FPS games since they are required for you to detect footsteps. If the thought of expensive gaming headphones come to your head, then don’t worry as nowadays there are a lot of affordable gaming headphones out there. To save some money on a microphone, you can opt for a headphone with mic, as this will help you to communicate with your teammates.


A gaming mouse can serve a lot of difference when you play games. FPS games rely on sensitivity, especially when you’re aiming at someone with a sniper, so consider picking one up instead of using a regular mouse. They might cost more but trust us it’s worth the money. A tip from us is to buy things in a bundle. Usually, mouses are paired with keyboards so you might want to buy them since they’ll be much cheaper.

Mouse Pad

The cheapest gaming gear that is usually left forgotten by fellow gamers. If your desk is slippery or you don’t want it scratched by your mouse, opt for a mouse pad then. There’s no such reason as it’s too expensive to buy a mouse pad because they can start at three dollars.