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Complete Guide to Hiring a Pianist in London

It goes without mentioning that a pianist can entertain in different occasions. Regardless of whether you want foot-tapping jazz or classic songs, you should hire a pianist on your next event. Many pianists in London play live music that ranges from background jazz and classical music to contemporary pop as well as soul music. Drinks receptions can be greatly facilitated by a singer-pianist. Below are some of the factors to consider when hiring a pianist in London.

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Playing Style

Depending on the event or occasion, a pianist can either play from a stack of sheet music, pad or from their memory. Those who play from memory have an advantage of engaging the audiences or guests. However, reading from sheet music or note is not a sign of incompetence.

Request Offers

The capability of playing almost any music on request from his or her memory is an effortless skill that results from years of practice as well as the natural capability to hear a tune once or twice then remembers it the next moment. This ability is specifically necessary especially if the audiences will be allowed to request songs.

Music Qualification

If the pianist you are hiring has a degree or diploma, this means that the pianist has studied at a high level, specializing in fields such as jazz as well as musical theatre. Some top pianists have no professional qualifications, but a qualification at a high level indicates that your chosen pianist has a high chance of excelling at more technically demanding events like product launches, corporate functions, cruise concerts among others.

Events They Have Played

pianoThere is much demand for successful pianists in London. Most reputed companies, celebrity hosts, and international venues book them. If the pianist you have opted to hire has played in such events, there is a chance that the pianist is both talented as well as experienced, which is a reassurance for the success of your event.

The Format Offered by Pianist

Many pianists prefer to perform as a gentle background accompaniment to create a relaxing ambiance for your event, whether it is a drink reception, private parties at a restaurant, during wedding breakfast, or for any kind of corporate event. A live pianist may add a special ambiance to civil partnerships or wedding ceremonies, welcoming the guests as they come in with suitably thoughtful pieces and entertaining guests with the requested tune. Additionally, some pianists can enliven an event with up-tempo jazz, pop or boogie-woogie. Others love seeing their guests up and dancing to their tunes and can give the best accompaniment for good old-time sing-along around the piano.


Set the tone for your event by hiring talented, qualified and experienced pianist in London. You should choose a pianist who is versatile for any event and can play any tune. The pianist who works with you on whatever you choose and compiles a carefully crafted program of music, making his or her own arrangement weeks before the event is the ideal one to hire.