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Best RC Waterproof Trucks

Traxxas is one of the largest and most famous companies in the RC industry. They have a thrilling list of achievements that have steadily increased since the company was established in 1986. It was the first company that produced high RC and competitive cars that were drafted and already used.

Today, the RTR is a term used in the RC category. It was invented by Traxxas in late 1980’s. They built the first RTR RC boat, RTR nitro truck, and RTR boat (which was also the first boat nitro and clutch). In 1999, the company initiated T-Maxx, which was, among other things, the first RC nitro car straight/reverse.

RC Power Vehicles

controlling a toyMore than four years ago, Traxxas became a well-known company in RTR and nitro RC power vehicles. It is the original RC water proof trucks RTR car manufacturer, and continues to produce some of the most competitive cars in the group.

One of the new and exciting Traxxas products is Slayer Pro 4X4. This short-term nitro racing car was restored to 26mm wide and 30mm wide than the original Slayer for the 14-inch wheelbase wheel. The most powerful Wheel Wheel TRX 3.3, which has the equipment for installing the Traxxas EZ-Start power system. You can achieve over 50 mph speed from the box and it’s easy to control.

  • Traxxas Stampede VXL

Those who want a hard monster truck will love Traxxas Stampede VXL RC waterproof truck. It is one of the most popular Traxxas products and is available for many types. This example is an electronic version of not 4X4. It uses a standard offset from and enhances the raw power of the Velineon Power System. This allows the truck to reach over 65 mph speed.

The Velineon system is one of the most convenient market systems and allows the user to log in and start digging. It also accepts different batteries, including a new 3-cell LiPo battery. VXL pieces can also prevent water, so the mud, rain, sleet or snow cannot leave this animal. It uses one village like Slayer Pro, and the remote can be used for up to 20 different cars so that all user settings can be stored remotely.

Traxxas provides models that are officially authorized by the Ford Motor Company. These include Ford Fiesta Ken Block, Raptor F-150 and Mustang Boss RC 302. This is a car in 1:16 small and body approved that mimics property Mustang Boss 302. It includes Velineon Brushless Motor 380 accessories that allow a car to reach speed over 30 mph and some basic improvements. The servo is also locked in a covered house to prevent accidents. Swingarm swamps and 4-wheel wheels are in this car and are the best machines for these powerful rails.

Choosing the Best One

cool RC truckWhen choosing a truck and radio, it is important that you think about where you are planning and how you can handle these upgraded trucks. The trucks and the controlled resources are a community that refers to the fuel that drives them (the energy of the battery and the gas used).

While the trucks used for the battery are easily suitable for a car, the gas used is good for climbing and climbing, even on the bad ground, since it is equipped with a gasoline engine and tires that are more powerful. In addition, gas toy trucks incorporate real engines with moving parts, axles, oil tanks, standard hydraulic rotary and solid axles, and aluminum or metal frames to enhance the power of motorsport.